25th Annual Dublin Peanut Festival
September 16th, 201

Favorite Peanut Recipe Contest

2017 Rules and Regulations

  1.  Recipes will be accepted in 3 categories:  1)  Candy, 2)  Bread and 3)  Dessert

 2.  The committee reserves the right to change the category of recipes that have
      been entered incorrectly.

 3.  Age group is determined by the age on the day of the contest.

 4.  Recipes must contain at least 1/2 cup peanuts or peanut butter.

 5.  Participants must set up their own dishes for competition and be present on
      the day of the contest.

 6.  Set up space for each dish is limited to 18-inch square.

 7.  No applications will be accepted after the deadline. (5:00pm, Tuesday, September 13th, 2016)

 8.  Peanut Festival Committee members are eligible to compete in the contest.

 9.  Dishes must be prepared by the applicant.

10.  There will be a limit of 2 entries per person.

11.  No one except judges and committee members will be allowed in the room
       during judging.

12. First place winners in last year’s contest may not enter the same recipe again.

13. All dishes should be picked up immediately after judging is complete.  The
Peanut Festival is not responsible for dishes not picked up.

> Details of the contest will be mailed after your application and recipe(s) are received.

> Please type your recipe(s) using 12 font.

> Faxed in recipe(s) should also be in font size 12.

> Questions: Call Sandra Cain at 862-4591